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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hapi Days~~~ ^_^

wat wonderful days todays..thanks SUNDAY coz bring happiness to me...feel really hapi today  without thinking about some problem..Juz have some fun wif my beloved family..hehe dat's we call LOVE..sharing hapi n hard times together....spend the tyme during weekend..sometimes i almost forget bout someone..they help me a lot..thanks for bring happiness to me...They give some advice bout life..of coz they support me all the times..they ask me to be matured... =) thanks yah.. i will remember bout ur advice papa..and thanks also bcoz u give me wonderful n sweet life..u make me like princess in ur world..dont wori i'm always ur lil girl dady..u like my precious gift to me..u always make me feel safe ol the tymes..we share bout our problem together n i will sharing bout my love story to u..n u will smile n says we would not called that love if no trials from the GOD the more we age the greater the problem we face... from ur princess...